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Have you heard…..?

Who would be a politician…. especially a failed one?

Ranting Renfrewshire Labour Councillor Terry "Black September are heroes" Kelly joins the growing number of Labour activists falling foul of Labour HQ and has finally been suspended by his party.



Terry Kelly, above right, is a Labour councillor in Renfrewshire. On his blog Cllr Kelly repeatedly rants about the "Jewish lobby". In a blog about Joe Biden failing to condemn Israel's actions in Gaza he writes: "if you ever wondered how powerful the Jewish lobby is in America there is an example for you right there". In a post about Obama's policy towards Israel Cllr Kelly writes: "Have you stopped to ask why? It's because the American Jewish Lobby is extremely powerful and it has its boot on Obama's neck". In another post he claims the Jews are trying to rig the Oscars: "it might not happen because there is a powerful Jewish lobby campaigning against the film". A fourth post sees him describe "a vicious campaign by the all- powerful American Jewish Lobby". Cllr Kelly also compared the actions of Israelis to the Holocaust, going on to criticise Jews worldwide:

"It is being done by the survivors of the Holocaust, it beggars belief that the Jewish people who suffered so much could treat innocent children this way but that's what they are doing… There must be millions of Jews all around the world who abhor what Israel is doing, why don't we hear their voices, when will they stand up and shout 'enough'?"

Guido is sure he meant to say Israelis or Zionists rather than Jews…

Of course, other parties are not immune from gross stupidity.

At the Scottish Green Party Conference 2015, an anti-Semitic/anti-Zionist (in this instance can anyone really tell the difference) rant of a motion took five pages to say "The boycott of Israel is Green Party policy".

Who needs rogue councillors when there are Scottish Greens MSPs?


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