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Road Map to Peace


The Government of Israel
(May 26th 2003) accepted the steps set out in the Roadmap. The Government of Israel expresses its hope that the political process that will commence, in accordance with the 24 June 2002 speech of President Bush, will bring security, peace and reconciliation between Israel and the Palestinians.
The Government of Israel further clarifies that, both during and subsequent to the political process, the resolution of the issue of the refugees will not include their entry into or settlement within the State of Israel.

PM Abbas at Aqaba what he said regarding Israel and terrorism

(see full speech)

Obstacles to peace


Israel offered Yasser Arafat a country. Israel offered him virtually every acre of land he asked for and agreed to almost every term. Arafat had the chance to stand for peace and to father a Palestinian nation.

Instead, he chose the path of violence...

What really happened at Camp David?



The Hamas have out-rightly rejected the Road Map and stated:

"Their is no room for a foreign country only a Pan Islamic state"

"Only ceasefire never peace"

They will continue their terrorist activities until Israel is destroyed.

The real enemy of the Palestinian people is not the Israeli's but Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Al Aqsa Brigade and Yasser Arafat.

(see also full text of Road Map )




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