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Have you heard….?

Northern Ireland fans are “Nazi thugs”, says Glasgow "Jewish" blog.

On the eve of the recent Northern Ireland/Israel football friendly a small contingent of Israeli supporters travelled to Belfast at the invitation of the Northern Ireland Friends of Israel. Joy Wolfe, President of Manchester Zionist Federation, travelled with the group, sightseeing and meeting with Northern Ireland fans. Joy said; “ The Northern Ireland supporters went out of their way to welcome us and shake our hands”, and was pictured with some of those fans in the Jewish Telegraph newspaper.


The JT erroneously described those fans as “ Seen holding a St George’s flag which encompasses a Star of David and, in the centre, the Red Hand of the Loyalist movement”.

Red Hand of Ulster


The flag shown is, in reality, the Ulster Banner, until 1972 the official flag of Northern Ireland. The historical and respected “Red Hand of Ulster” is still widely used by sporting organisations in Northern Ireland, for example the Northern Ireland Commonwealth Games Council which has recently revamped its own Red Hand symbol and Ulster Rugby.


Anonymous contributors to the Scottish based "Jewish" blog, Glasgow Jewish Education Forum (GJEF - a self-styled "Jewish education" forum without any recognised accreditation whatsoever), falsely described the Irish fans as “a visible symbol of sectarianism and bigotry.” Joy Wolfe has occasionally been subjected to insult by these anonymous respondents, on this occasion accused of  “pictured with Nazis”.


When asked if the Glasgow Jewish Representative Council (GJRC), which speaks on behalf of the Jewish Community of Glasgow and the West of Scotland, would disavow this slur its spokesperson said; “I am reluctant to publicly disavow the GJEF or their blog as it only gives credence and publicity to what is a totally unacceptable arrangement”.


By publishing such unfounded and insulting statements in a public accessible website, this "Glasgow Jewish" group are denigrating the citizens of Northern Ireland, something that, should our enemies wish to use, could put the Scottish Jewish community and Jews in Northern Ireland up for attack.  

The opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of the Scottish Friends of Israel.

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