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Population Exchanges were not reversible.

The Forgotten Refugees

The tragedy of refugees is not unique to the Palestinians.

  • 2 million displaced war victims were resettled in a population transfer between Turkey and Greece. (early 1920s)

  • 900,000 Germans were forcibly transferred to Germany from Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary, and Yugoslavia. (Following World War II)

  • 2,520,000 Poles, Ukrainians, white Russians, and Lithuanians.
    (exchange of population between Poland and Soviet Russia)

  • 13 million people, Hindus and Muslims uprooted.
    (partition of India 1947)

  • 590,000 Arab refugees fled from Israel.

  • 800,000 Jewish refugees expelled or fled from Muslim lands.

  • In the 1950s there were 60 million refugees in the free world, Palestinians comprised less than 1 percent of the total.

Population Exchanges were not reversible.
There was no historical precedent for the return of such numbers of fugitives - in the Middle East the 590,000 emigré Arabs in effect represented a population exchanged for the 800,000 Jewish refugees from Muslim lands. Arab countries blockaded and rejected refugees, refusing to integrate them.
(see Arab Refugees ; Jewish Refugees from Muslim lands)


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