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BBC Is the BBC in abrogation of its duty and behaving as an NGO with a biased agenda?

  Why Israel has a poor Image Israel's position in Britain has suffered a serious blow since the start of the intifada...


Technology has enabled the creation of new and rapid means of communication. The emergence of BBC NEWS 24 and other worldwide media has created instant marketing for global agendas. Globalization of the world economy has given rise to more integrated approaches to international concerns. And the spread of democracy around the world has created a greater sense of expectation, even entitlement, in policymaking of all kinds. The mantle of international leadership is no longer conferred by economic and military power alone; instead, the power of ideas, and how they are communicated and marketed, has come to the fore.

What are the dangers when agenda driven Non Govermental Organisations abuse their power.


From an address by Jo Wagerman, President of the Jewish Board of Deputies in March 2003
"The media has been caught out quite badly in recent months in rushing to swallow Palestinian propaganda, such as the "massacre" in Jenin.

Let's not let this pass from myth into fact. Israel did not choose Jenin as a ground for battle, the Palestinians did - not concerned about their civilians.

Jenin the "refugee camp" was a bomb factory, a training ground for terrorists, and a laboratory for death, to which the UN turned a blind eye for 50 years.

It is surely this which is "horrific beyond belief"

Only the "Catholic Herald" in Britain printed a clear account of the siege in Bethlehem, and asked why there was no world-wide Christian condemnation of the Palestinians' desecration and theft in the Church of the Nativity, and the use of child hostages."





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