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The war against the Jews of Palestine began long before Yasser Arafat came of killing age and certainly NOT just after he became the acknowledged leader of the PLO. Spontaneous massacres of Palestine's Jews was the pastime of packs of roaming Palestinian Arabs which could be ignited merely by the urging of the local religious leaders. These brutal attacks occurred throughout pre-state Israel culminating most notably during the Jerusalem Riots(1929, 1936-9). One such example occurred in Hebron (1929) where hundreds of men, women and children were hacked to death by frenzied packs of Arabs.

The Jewish connection with Hebron goes back to Abraham and there has been an Israelite/Jewish community there since Joshua... long before it was King David's first capital. Hebron, the old capital of Judea, is the cradle of the Jewish nation. In 1929, Arab rioters with the passive consent of the British -- killed or drove out virtually the entire Jewish community. There were no Jewish occupation forces patrolling the "West Bank then. There were no such things as "occupied Arab lands of 1967." There was not even a Jewish State in existence! In fact, there was nothing that the Jews did to contributed to the Arab hatred except one thing... they existed!

The Jewish presence in Hebron was completely destroyed but their property remained, awaiting their return. The Arabs transformed the Jewish neighborhood into a garbage dump and stockyard for animals. The ancient Jewish cemetery was turned into a vegetable patch. Jewish property was destroyed, ravaged and plundered, but the truth remained and the memory of the past survived. It is therefore logical to expect that when the Jewish people returned to Hebron in 1967, it was their G-d given moral entitlement to return to their city, to reclaim and recover their property, to prevent terror from overcoming a peace-loving Jewish community.

Above left, Joseph Hayyim Brenner, alive and well. Above right, Joseph Hayyim Brenner, a victim of Arab-Jewish "co-existence" in Jaffa ... stabbed to death during these riots presumably because of the land Israel would be forced to occupy sixty-six years later! Arab riots and the ensuing massacres continued in 1929 and again in 1936-1939. To get some idea what an Arab massacre looks like, view the video of the recent Ramallah massacres of those two Israeli reservists who were beaten, knifed, disemboweled, thrown out the Palestinian police station window, dragged through the street and finally burned.

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