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Have You Heard..

Hitler Tank Face

“Anti-Israel” website uses Nazi style imagery on par with racist and anti-Semitic cartoons to reinforce it’s own extremism.

The Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC), an extremist fringe group, has employed an anti-Semitic cartoon in its on-going vilification of Israel and of anyone who dares to support the Jewish state. Having already promoted Holocaust deniers, joined with Hamas terrorist sympathisers, colluded with anti-Semites and stood alongside terrorist factions in Gaza, is it really surprising?

The SPSC website, in a rabid reference to the Jewish Chronicle article of July 15, 2010 critical of Lewes Crown court Judge George Bathurst-Norman and his alleged “extreme anti-Israel agenda” by Jonathan Hoffman, Vice-Chair of the Zionist Federation, obviously felt compelled to enhance it’s anti-Israel agenda by adding to it’s report a Hitler caricature comparison of Israel and the Nazis, constructed by caricaturist Morten M Kristiansen and first published in a Norwegian tabloid newspaper.

Verdens Gang (VG) is Norway's largest paper with a circulation of 365,000 and was recently described thus:

"This poxy paper....Iran has more centrifuges whirling than Turkey has dervishes, and this… this… fish wrapper is worried about Israel".

This is not the first tasteless cartoon the tabloid has published by Kristiansen and others and, most likely, not the last. Norwegian media has been castigated in the past for its over-indulgence of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic cartoons and caricatures.

The question arises: Did the unnamed author of the web article need to expend so much time searching the world-wide web for a suitable cartoon, or does this bunch of “browns-shirts” have an archive of similar anti-Semitic drivel, stored and readily available, for any opportunity to present itself?

The opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of the Scottish Friends of Israel.

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