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With Hamas Europe Reaps What It Sowed
The Wall Street Journal, February 20th 2006
To say that the outcome of the Palestinian elections has presented the European Union with a thorny problem would be an understatement. But the navel-gazing and bewilderment that Hamas's victory has caused in Brussels is more than a little melodramatic. It should not have come as a shock.

HamasHamas' Post-Election Strategy: Step-by-step to the liberation of Palestine
Hamas' Post-Election Strategy examines the "strategy of stages" proposed by Hamas in the wake of the movement's victory in the recent Palestinian elections. see also: The Institute for CounterTerrorism home page



Sarsur. Muslim rule Photo: Hagai Aharon

Arab party: We'll fight Israel's 'Zionization'
Leaders of new united Arab party say they believe in Muslim rule, vow to fight racist discrimination and 'Israelization' trend in country
ynetnews.com: Ali Waked
The rule on earth, or at least the rule on Arab and Muslim land should be led by the Caliph (Muslim leader and Muhammad's heir), chairman of the United Arab List –Ta'al party Sheikh Ibrahim Sarsur told reporters.

The two Arab factions UAL and Ta'al, the latter headed by Knesset Member Ahmed Tibi, have recently decided to join forces and merge ahead of the elections. At a press conference to mark the launching of the new list's election campaign, Tibi and Sarsur presented their candidates for the Knesset and spoke of the party's platform and ideological principles.

HamasHAMAS (Islamic Resistance Movement)

International Terrorist Organization
Enemy of Palestinians, of Israelis and of Peace

The US called Hamas an international terrorist organization in 1995, 1996, and 2001.

"HAMAS is a militant offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood…a terrorist organization that espouses an extremist Islamic fundamentalist ideology, calling for the total destruction of the State of Israel. " www.ustreas.gov/press/releases/po841.htm

Hamas' founding covenant calls for jihad to "obliterate Israel" and to "raise the banner of Allah over every inch of Palestine" and over "any land the Moslems conquered by force" in "the times of Islamic conquests."
(Preamble, and Article 11) See the Covenant

Hamas militantly opposes all peace proposals that include a two-state solution and escalates its terrorist activity when peace negotiations make headway. Hamas denies the right of any Arab country or even of all the worlds kings and presidents to "give up even part of Palestine." (Article 11 of the Charter)

The Hamas catalogue of rejecting peace

Abdel Azziz RantissiNew Hamas Head Rantisssi: All Israeli Adults Are Not Civilians [Rantissi is now the head of Hamas in place of Yassin.]

Q: What do you mean? How does Hamas define civilians?

A: An Israeli civilian is someone who never took part in the fighting. If he participated in the fighting in the past, years ago, he is not a civilian. That's why Israelis are still pursuing the Germans who took part in the Holocaust, though some of these people are in their 80s. They are still considered soldiers.

Q: So you consider all Israeli men combatants because they at one time or another served in the army and do reserve duty?

A: Yes.

Q: What about Israeli women?

A: Most Israeli women served in the army.

Q: According to these criteria, what percentage of the Israeli population do you consider combatants?

A: The majority. We choose military targets. If civilians are liable to die, that isn't a reason to stop the attack. But we don't set out to kill civilians.
Key Hamas official Abdel-Aziz al-Rantissi interview with NEWSWEEK's Dan Ephron July 24 2002 http://www.msnbc.com/news/785094.asp?cp1=1



Hamas: Welfare and War

Since the start of the first intifada in the late 1980s, the terrorist Hamas organization has won popularity by offering a welfare network (remenber Al Capone) to Palestinians and declaring an uncompromising war on Israel.

Its primary aim: The elimination of the State of Israel and the creation of an Islamic Palestine in its place.

The movement has consistently refused to participate in any peace negotiations with Israel, initiating its policy of suicide bombings following the signing of the Oslo peace accords in 1993.

(Hamas Covenant)

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The Hamas catalogue of rejecting peace

Hamas rejected Oslo and Camp David, called the Road Map "a US-Zionist conspiracy against the Palestinian people." On June 5, Hamas declared:

"We will never be ready to lay down arms until the liberation of the last centimeter of the land of Palestine,"

Washington Times at http://dynamic.washtimes/com/print_story.cfm?StoryID=20030604-104142-8458r(www.ict.org.il/articles/articledet.cfm?articleid=485 www.idf.il/english/announcements/2003/june10a.stm) www.geocities.com/Athens/Delphi/2705/pt-yasininterview.html

After the Oslo Accords, it escalated its terrorism, dispatching 41 suicide bombers against Israelis between 1993 and September 2000. www.idf.il/english/announcements/2003/june10a.stm)

Hamas dispatched 72 suicide bombers, killing 223 Israelis and wounding 1393 after Camp David (September 2000) until May 19, 2003.. (www.geocities.com/Athens/Delphi/2705/pt-yasininterview.html) www.idf.il/english/announcements/2003/june10a.stm)

Hamas terrorist threats and actions mounted during and after the Aqaba Summit. In the four weeks before and after the Summit, Israel caught 20 suicide terrorists. In the four days after the Summit, Hamas terrorists claimed seven Israeli lives. Israel reported there were 53 active terrorist alerts on June 11, 2003-hours before the attempted assassination of Rantisi. (www.israelnationalnews.com/news.php3?id=4458)

Hamas refused to accept the truce advocated by PA Prime Minister Abbas.

"We call on all military cells to act immediately and act like an earthquake to blow up the Zionist entity and tear it to pieces."
Abdel Aziz al-Rantisi, Hamas co-founder, June 12, 2003.


"Rantisi told the Al Jazeera news network from his hospital bed: 'By God we
will not leave one Jew in Palestine'." ( www.arabnews.com)

Neither Yassir Arafat nor Prime Minister Abbas tried to dismantle Hamas

Arafat "never took real steps to disrupt the militants' command centers, shut down their bomb factories, or prosecute the leaders…. (www.ict.org.il/articles/articledet.cfm?articleid=422.)

PA Prime Minister Abbas tried to get Hamas to sign a truce, not to disarm. Hamas rejected the truce on Friday, June 6, two days after the Aqaba Summit and five days before Israel attempted to assassinate Rantisi. (http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story2&cid=540&u=/ap/2003061…/israel_palestinians

Hamas Called for Jihad against the West in the US War Against Iraq.

"Jihad will be the personal obligation of every Muslim man and woman, and there will be no alternative to Muslims threatening the interests of the hostile Americans and Westerners and striking at them everywhere." Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmad Yassin Feb 8, 2003 at (http://memri.org/bin/opnener.cgi?Page=archives&ID=SP47903)

Hamas gets its funding from international sources, much of it through Hamas' charity organizations. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria and the Gulf States contribute, as do Islamic organizations in the Middle East and the West. The Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, in Texas, raised over $13 million in 2000, much of it for Hamas.
www.ict.org.il/inter_ter/orgdet.cfm?orgid=13 and www.ustreas.gov/press/releases/po841.htm)

Hamas welfare activities are closely tied to Hamas' terror cells. The FBI reported that

"frequently (workers) are current or former members of Hamas terror cells… Hamas is known to use its hospitals…as meeting places, to bury caches of arms and explosives under its own kindergarten playgrounds…."

"Holy Land Foundation funds are used for schools that serve Hamas ends by encouraging children to become suicide bombers and to recruit suicide bombers by offering support to their families."

(Nov. 2001 FBI Memorandum cited in Matthew Levitt, "Hamas Blood Money," at www.ict.org.il/articles/articledet.cfm?articleid=481) (US Office of Public Affairs Press Release, December 4, 2001 www.ustreas.gov/press/releases/po841.htm)

The recent escalation in Hamas rhetoric and action was not caused by Israel's targeted kiliing of Yassin nor its effort to assassinate Rantisi.

Hamas' violence and intransigence have been the hallmark of its activities since 1989. As the Aqaba Summit of June 4 2003 approached, Hamas rejected PA Prime Minister Abbas' pleas for at least a temporary truce. Terrorist activities continued before, during and after the Summit.

Prime Minister Abbas did nothing after the murder of four Israeli soldiers on June 8 and appeared unable or unwilling to begin disarming militants or taking a firm hand against incitement. Attacks against Israel and threats of terror attacks against Israel mounted.

Hamas' Attitude Toward Jews: The "Jews "were behind the French Revolution, the Communist revolution and most of the revolutions we heard and hear about…They were behind World War I and were able to destroy the Islamic Caliphate…and they were behind World War II." (Article 22 of Hamas Charter) "The Zionist plan is limitless….Their plan is embodied in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion…" (Article 32 of Hamas Charter)





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