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  Arab rhetoric applies the trick of switching roles between victim and perpetrator, applying moral equivalence between defending your country and citizens from suicide mass murdering neighbours who are trying to annihilate you.


Arabic Alphabet Writing Arab World - Since the resurrection of the State of Israel, Arab Nationalism has sought its destruction. Also what the Arabs really say in their own words BBC News24 The Media - The emergence of BBC NEWS 24 and other worldwide media has created instant marketing for global agendas.
EU Flag European Union United Nations United Nations The United Nation is having a difficult time living up to its charter, which pledges to "save succeeding generations from the scourge of war…"
NGOs Non Governmental Organizations - In april 2002, delegates from 66 nations and dozens of nongovernmental organizations (ngos) gathered at United Nations headquarters in New York...In the back of the room, the chair reserved for the delegate from the United States stood empty.

That the Arab world and Fundamental Islam have engaged in anti-Israel and anti-Semitic propaganda and indiscriminate slaughter similar to that of Old Russia and Nazi Germany is not new to the Israeli's nor the Jewish people, they have suffered this treatment both West and East for over 2000 years.


...that factions of the British media, United Nations, European Union and Non Governmental Organizations have turned a blind eye to Palestinian Authority corruption and the development of a terrorist infrastructure within Palestinian society is extremely disturbing. They have, at the least tacitly, subscribed to the propaganda and homicidal tactics of the Palestinians. Instead of objectivity their subjective bias is evident in their readiness, on occasion with relish, to condemn Israel and obfuscate the evidence to the contrary. The unjustified vilification of the only Jewish state and unqualified support for the Arab World and Palestinian leadership, while playing down the slaughter in the Islamic World and elsewhere, has only encouraged and prolonged the bloody carnage that now ensues. Unfortunately, there appears to be abroad in the 21st a way of thinking that has not seen prominence since the days of Old Europe, before the Holocaust.

The Palestinian people unreservedly deserve a better quality of life and freedom than they have been allowed up until now because of the failure of their leaders, in particular the late Yasser Arafat, to take any opportunity for peace over the past 56 years. Up until now their leadership has inculcated and indoctrinated children with hate, encouraging many of them to become suicide bombers. What value life when you are prepared to sacrifice your own children? What value life when you murder your own seed. What kind of world will we bequeath our children if this ideology is allowed to take hold and spread? Those that preach the antithesis of life whilst protecting their own must be silenced before humanity can continue on it's stumbling way along a half enlightened path. No enlightened morality can justify suicide and homicide as a creed. It is the antithesis of life and all that is holy. Hopefully, with the election of a new leader, Palestinians can now look forward to a better future and a real possibility for peace, with their children no longer being taught hate and incitement.

When criticism of Israel blurs into anti-Semitism - David Landau, editor of Haaretz English Edition, answered readers' questions live online. Read his comments on when criticism of Israel blurs into anti-Semitism and whether the "anti-Semitism" label is used to silence legitimate criticism of Israel.

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