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Israel's anti-terrorist Security Fence


The Right to Live a short film highlighting the effectiveness and rationale behind the Anti-Terrorist Fence.
The Anti-Terrorist Fence is an important tool for the I.D.F. in its mission to prevent terrorism. This film of the security fence against terror is a compilation of questions and answers relating to the process of constructing the fence and the considerations that led the State of Israel to build it - see it
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George Kerevan journalist

Court ruling is about politics not justice
CONSIDER the following two events and ask yourself if they are related. On Friday, the International Court of Justice at the Hague ruled that Israel’s security fence with Palestine - aimed at keeping out would-be suicide bombers - was illegal...On Sunday, a working day in Israel, a terrorist bomb filled with metal shrapnel was deliberately exploded near a crowded bus stop in Tel Aviv
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Digger Israel's Security Fence Terrorism has been defined throughout the international community as a crime against humanity. As such, the State of Israel not only has the right but also the obligation to do everything in its power to lessen the impact and scope of terrorism on the citizens of Israel.
Security Fence The Security Fence The security fence currently being built between the Palestinians in the West Bank and Israeli population centers is a defensive measure. It is designed to prevent terrorists from carrying out attacks in Israel. The Security Fence Q & A
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The Anti-terrorist Fence Saves Lives
In recent months there has been a dramatic decrease in the number of attacks by Palestinian terrorist organizations, statistics show.

ICJ Advisory Opinion on Israel's Security Fence, 9 July 2004

Israeli Statement: Public Affairs Department. Embassy of Israel.
The International Court of Justice was asked to address the question of Israel's security fence as a result of a politically-motivated maneuver, which Israel and over thirty leading democracies did not support. Israel cannot accept this politicization of the Court. cont'd..

IsraelPolicy Forum logo Balancing Security and Rights: Israel Shows the Way
NGO Monitor
A number of prominent human-rights NGOs have been centrally involved in the campaign to delegitimize Israel's defensive security barrier designed to thwart Palestinian terror attacks. These NGOs, including HRW, Amnesty International, Christian Aid, Oxfam, etc., were central players in the public relations effort linked to the UN General Assembly vote to request an "advisory opinion" on the barrier from the International Court of Justice. cont'd..


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