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Is the BBC
in Abrogation of Duty?

BBC and Middle East Analysis
by Trevor Asserson

Excerpts from an analysis of the BBC’s coverage of the Middle East in main news programmes on UK television and radio and on the BBC’s main website over a
9-week period from the end of May to the end of July 2002.

The content was assessed for compliance with the BBC’s legal obligations of accuracy and impartiality.


The BBC is not above reproach

The BBC is not above reproach, as its reporting of the Iraq War demonstrates.
Some critics of the BBC have dubbed it the

"Baghdad Broadcasting Corporation."...

"It's almost as if the BBC has its own war plan and if the army don't conform to what they think it should be doing then it's a 'setback'," said one unnamed British government official.


Israel's Poor Image

Says Tom Gross, who worked in Israel as a reporter for six years: "The systematic building up of a false picture of Israel as aggressor, and deliberate killer of babies and children, is helping to slowly chip away at Israel's legitimacy. How can ordinary people elsewhere not end up hating such a country?"



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