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Arab Terrorism

The culture of Arab violence against the Jews began in the 1920s with the launching of the very first intifada (see Hebron). Of course, the term had not been invented, but the violence had and it was launched with the murder of 56 unarmed Jewish religious students living in Hebron. No one needs to be reminded of the absence of " provocation" ....no Palestine refugees, no State of Israel, no Israel army and no West Bank crisis. Yet the slaughter of people moving about their daily life had begun.

The British Mandate Authority had banned the carrying of weapons, even for self-defence, a factor which created the necessity for the Haganah (literally "the defenders") from which sprang the Israel Defence Forces of today.

Times may have changed but the necessity for defence has not. Israel, a legally constituted state, cannot remain supine in the face of Palestinian terrorism. Whereas the repudiation of violence by certain of the parties involved in conflict has allowed a peaceful co-existence between Israel on the one hand and Egypt and Jordan on the other, the intifada has generated only bloodshed, futility and despair. Each suicide attacks against civilians in the heartland of Israel takes the level of violence one step further, compelling Israel to react.


Critical to the Middle East is the right of Israelis to defend themselves whatever the world at large believes. There have been a frightening 80,000 terrorist actions against Israel, against school buses, discos, restaurants, Olympic athletes.

Does any other country share this experience?
Does any other country have the right to condemn Israel until they also have experienced this for themselves?



  http://www.ict.org.il/ International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism




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