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Palestine Media Center

The Palestine Media Center: independent official institution estbl. Nov. 2001. The PMC is under the direct supervision of PLO Executive Committee Member Mr. Yasser Abed Rabbo. The PMC serves as anetworking agency that will be at the disposal of International and local journalists. Networking will include a dynamic coordination mechanism with officials in the Palestinian National Authority a podium for official speech directed to the international public opinion.

Palestine International Authority International Press Center

The Palestinian National Authority International Press Center (IPC) is one of the State Information Service (SIS) main departments. IPC is specialized in providing services to local and foreign reporters and journalists working for TVs, Radios, and news agencies both based and visitors. The services include organizing press conferences, arranging interviews for journalists with Palestinian decision-makers. IPC also follows-up international TV’s trends and attitudes toward the Palestinian cause and releases a verity of reports and publications.


Arab/Muslim Perspectives

The Mideast: A Cesspool Of Hate
By: Salim Mansu
Since 9/11, the roll call of cities across the world bombed by Muslim terrorists in league with Osama bin Laden, or recruits of his organization, al-Qaida, keeps growing. One of the latest is Istanbul, Turkey, whose citizens were terrorized in a series of suicide bombings within the span of a week.
In those attacks, Jews, long and peaceful residents of Turkey - with whose history they share an ancient connection - were once again the victims of anti-Semitism. An anti-Semitism which is now turning the Arab-Muslim world into a version of what Europe became during the first half of the previous century - a cesspool of hate where Jews were, and today are, blamed for all things wrong in a culture hurtling toward self-destruction.

Dr. Tashbih SayyedMuslim Editor Against Rampant Anti-Semitism
Dr. Tashbih Sayyed, editor of the weekly Pakistan Today, expressed support for Israel and his belief that anti-Semitism presents the greatest challenge for the Muslim world today to overcome.

Dr. Sayyed is editor-in-chief of two California-based weekly newspapers, Pakistan Today and Moslem World Today; in addition he is the President of the Council for Tolerance and an adjunct fellow at the Hudson Institute. Dr. Sayyed's analyses as a respected historian and a current affairs expert have been instrumental in shaping policy in the Middle East today. Full article..

Daily Star LebanonIf someone asks, my identity is the Bourj
By Rami G. Khouri, Lebanon
If you want to appreciate a common malaise that afflicts the entire Arab world, look at its cities, which project an external veneer of urbanism even as inhabitants live lives mainly according to village and tribal values. Retribalization, ethnic compartmentalization and localized militarization are occurring on a large scale. Continue

Adel Darwish
Adel Darwish

Adel Darwish veteran Fleet Street Foreign reporter and commentator on Foreign Affairs
"I agree with much of what Britain's Prime Minister, Tony Blair recently told Asharq Al Awsat regarding the obligation of the British citizen not to give the terrorists a chance to cause civil strife."
"....the terrorism of Jihadist Salafis started long ago, before the 1948 war in Palestine with events such as the assassination of Judge Khazendar and the placing of bombs in public places in Egypt during the 1930s and 1940s." cont...

Europe is unwise to reward
a still-violent Hamas

The recent decision of the European Union and its member states to reconsider their relationship with Hamas, a group presently on the EU's terrorism list, is not only bad news for the peace process and for the creation of a Palestinian state; it is also out of line with the EU's approach to its own militant groups.

Al-Haram Palestinians marked the Nakba day, 57 years on from the establishment of Israel and the mass exodus of Palestinians

AMIN Arab Media Internet NetworkAMIN Arab Media Internet Network
Palestinians must battle their extremists to achieve peace By: Ray Hanania*
Palestinian and Israeli peace is threatened by a growing movement of uncompromising rejectionists nourished by the ongoing conflict. Extremists can’t afford to let the conflict end.
Many Israelis are thwarted by an inability to distinguish between the criticism of Palestinians moderates and the criticism of extremists.

Nonie DarwishNonie Darwish
On November 20th 2003 I spoke at Carnegie Mellon University at a lecture series entitled "Arabs for Israel," sponsored by the Young Zionist Organization of America. The idea of this series is to show that there are Arabs and/or Muslims who feel positively about, and support Israel.


Arabs Speak Out..

Arabs for Israel
"We are Arabs and Moslems who believe…
We can support the State of Israel and the Jewish religion and still treasure our Arab and Islamic culture."

Editor of Kuwaiti Daily: 'Arab Regimes Must Understand the U.S. Administration Supports The Freedom and Rights of the Arabs'

Brigitte GabrielBrigitte Gabriel, a Lebanese
who is proud to speak out
on behalf of Israel.


Egyptian Progressive Dr. Amr Isma'il: 'Why Can't We [Arabs] See Things as the Rest of the World Sees Them?'

Radio Interviews: Walid Shoebat; Dr. Abdelhamid

Stop splitting hairs on 'terrorism'
By Ammar Abdulhamid
Many people around the world today seek to differentiate between what they call "freedom fighters" and those described as terrorists. They argue that such differentiation, which is most often applied to Iraq and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Continue..
source: Lebanese Daily Star

Arab/Palestinian Perspectives

Mahmoud AbbasBEIRUT: Palestine Liberation Organization chief Mahmoud Abbas said the armed struggle for the Palestinian people is over and it is now time for the "democratic route to liberation." His comments came as he warned that the Palestinian Authority "would not able to take control of Gaza if Israel withdraws" adding "it would lead to a civil war ... we are not ready - security wise - to take over."

Ibrahim NafieMoving in tandem
Egypt is using all diplomatic channels towards the realisation of national and Arab aspirations, writes Ibrahim Nafie

The notion that Egypt is acting as a third party intermediary in the Arab-Israeli crisis is patently absurd. Egypt is an immediate party in this conflict and a central player in the collective Arab struggle to realise legitimate Arab rights and safeguard Arab national security. As the largest Arab power Egypt has consistently availed itself of its regional and international connections in the service of Arab causes and interests. And this applies to Egypt's relations with Israel.

Stop splitting hairs on 'terrorism'
By Ammar Abdulhamid
Many people around the world today seek to differentiate between what they call "freedom fighters" and those described as terrorists. They argue that such differentiation, which is most often applied to Iraq and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Continue source: Lebanese Daily Star

Belligerence Hatred and Incitement

Faruk QaddumiClip #390: Fatah Leader Faruq Qaddumi: Two-States a Temporary Solution - MEMRI TV - An excerpt: "Our enemy always says, "This is Judea and Samaria" and they are "terrorists." They haven't changed their discourse. If they change theirs, we will change ours, and if not, we will keep saying that armed resistance is the way to Palestine. If there is no political initiative and they keep addressing us with sweet words, and try to seduce us like foxes do, we must continue in our path.[There are] 300 Million Arabs, while Israel has only the sea behind it...At this stage there will be two states. Many years from now there will be only one."

Zakaria Zubeidi 'We are at war' There are some -- including in his Fatah movement -- who see Yasser Arafat's death as an opportunity for change. Not so Zakaria Zubeidi, leader of the Al-Aqsa Brigades in the northern West Bank.

Lebanese Information MinisterMartyrdom is "Art" and Creates a "Strategic Balance", Lebanese Information Minister.


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