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Spreading Anti-Semitism: Arab Media Blame Jews/Israel for Pushing U.S. to Brink of War RULE

Al-Hayat al-Jadida, March 1, 2003 (Palestinian Authority) Jews (Ariel Sharon pulling strings) control the United States (represented by George Bush) that in turn controls the Arab world and the U.N.

In discussing the U.S.-led campaign to oust Saddam Hussein, newspapers in the Muslim and Arab world turned to classic anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, suggesting that Israel and the Jews were the "invisible hand" behind America’s foreign policy toward Iraq.

Editorial cartoons appearing in popular daily newspapers, including those of America’s strategic allies in the region, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, regularly turn to classical anti-Semitic canards in depicting Jews and Israel. With the war against Iraq, newspapers in these and other Arab nations used the classic canard of "Jewish control" to suggest that Jews were steering American foreign policy. Others published cartoons that suggest that the U.S. war was a diversion manufactured by Israel to turn international attention away from its treatment of the Palestinians. Such cartoons often appear on Web sites that are viewed by Muslim communities all over the world. They are especially dangerous in societies where there is a high rate of illiteracy, and where the image carries more power then the printed word.

Below is a sampling of cartoons, excerpts from newspaper articles and statements by Arab and Muslim leaders from several Middle Eastern countries, showing how anti-Semitic and anti-Israel conspiracy theories were promulgated in an effort to blame Jews.

Al-Watan, April 17, 2003 (Qatar)
The Jew is representing "the big Israel", which pushes the US towards "Syria".

Al-Watan, April 19, 2003 (Qatar)
In Arabic, on the Jew: "Weapons of mass destruction". In Arabic, on the left: "Syria".

Al-Watan, April 10, 2003 (Oman)
In jail on the right: "Iraq"; on the left: "Palestine".

Arab News, April 14, 2003 (Saudi Arabia)

Al-Watan, April 6, 2003 (Qatar)
Secretary of State Colin Powell, a puppet of the Jew, is pointing at “Syria” and “Iran.”

Ar-Riyadh, April 5, 2003 (Saudi Arabia)

Al-Watan, March 23, 2003 (Qatar).
President George W. Bush is a gun-slinging sheriff in the Iraqi oil fields. His badge is a Star of David.

Akhbar al-Khalij, March 19, 2003 (Bahrain)
The cartoon's headline: "The agreement of the triple axis of evil in Azures". The three points represents the US, Britain and Spain.

Al-Watan, March 15, 2003 (Oman). Israel, represented by a stereotypical Jew, provides the bombs for the United States to drop on the Arab world.

Arab News, March 13, 2003 (Saudi Arabia). A stereotypical hook-nosed Jew, representing Israel, sweeps aside the world’s song of "peace."

Arab News, March 11, 2003 (Saudi Arabia). A stereotypical Jew whispers in the ear of the U.S. about a nuclear bomb, while pointing to the minaret of a mosque, suggesting that to the Jew, they are one in the same. The cartoon’s implication is that the Jews are trying to convince America that all Muslims are the enemy.

Akhbar al-Khalij, March 8, 2003 (Bahrain). The U.S. is the “grim reaper” dropping Israel’s bombs on Iraq.

Al-Watan, March 8, 2003 (Oman).

Ar-Riyadh, March 7, 2003 (Saudi Arabia). While President Bush captivates the attention of the world with Iraq, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is murdering Palestinians. The President says, in Arabic: "Iraq is not committed to the U.N. resolutions."

Al-Watan, February 28, 2003 (Qatar). Sharon is asking Bush: "Will we kill them?" The people are carrying signs saying: "No to the war in Iraq!"

Al-Watan, February 26, 2003 (Oman). On the TV screen: "The Iraqi crisis". The American says: "Stop!", and the Jew answers: "Not yet".

  • "Those who planned the war in the American administration, especially in the Pentagon and the State Department have nothing to do with faith, Christianity or the constitution. They are ultra extremist and Zionist Jews whose main interest and whose basic legality is not to the U.S. but to Israel and the enemies of peace where ever and however they see fit."
    Syria Times, article entitled "Out of Faith,"
    by Dr. Y. Alaridi, March 20, 2003

  • "George W. Bush has been on a mission to get rid of rogue regimes in the name of his war on terrorism. That mission, while noble in its objectives, lacks credibility and legitimacy. The main reason for that is its failure to address the criminal record of Ariel Sharon, the Israeli prime minister. For those who realize the special relationship which exists between the neocons who have taken over the American foreign policy and Israel, it should not come as a surprise when Sharon goes out on a killing spree every week to murder women, men and children without encountering the slightest criticism . . . The real problem is that these acts of terrorism come with the support and blessing of important political figures in America, people who have made the security of Israel as important (some will argue more important) than America's. Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz and their henchmen have made no secret of their desire to dismantle and change all political systems in the Arab world in order to ensure Israel's safety.
    Arab News, online Saudi English Language Daily,
    Hussein Shobokshi
    "This War Lacks Credibility"
    March 18, 2003

  • "The war against Iraq may be just around the corner, worldwide protests notwithstanding. US public protests against such a war have only lately gathered steam - not in defense of Saddam Hussein, whom most detest, but directed at a war to be waged against another nation based on dubious, if not outright fabricated information, and cooked up not by the president of the US, but by a cabal controlling the American administration who were pushing for an Iraqi invasion policy well before George W. Bush's assumption of the US presidency.
    In a cynical and well-orchestrated campaign, they manipulated America's post-Sept.11 psyche to push for their anti-Arab, anti-Islamic policies beginning with an invasion of Iraq to cement US hegemony as the world's only superpower. One of the godfathers of this cabal is a brilliant and articulate strategist named Richard Perle. But for his chairmanship of the Pentagon's Defense Advisory Board, Perle would have been just another rabid anti-Arab and anti-Islamic Jewish demagogue espousing Israeli interests within any number of American administrations. But an examination of how Perle, Wolfowitz, and their cohorts in the administration misled the president and the American public is already beginning."
    Arab News, online Saudi English Language Daily,
    Mohammed Al-Khereiji,
    "How a Cabal Manipulates America's Post-Sept. 11 Psyche,"
    March 17, 2003

  • "… Choosing the Iraqi problem in order to cover up the Israeli massacres against the Palestinians is a brilliant plan by the Israeli Right power that wishes to repeat the events of World War II, when the world was busy with an existential war. In this period, the Zionist groups' massacres were intended to eliminate the Palestinian Arabs. It was the same plan, when (the Zionist groups) destroyed the Arab lands in 1967's catastrophe…"
    Al-Ahram, Egyptian government daily,
    Ibrahim Nafi',
    March 4, 2003

  • "What our world is going through today is the most dangerous thing that was produced by the strategy of the war's lobbyists and the hawks, which are supportive of the Likud, within Bush's administration. The conspiracy is clear, and its application is going through stages that are shocking the certainty of the ingenuous Muslim citizen, which used to believe in the justice institutions in his country. Some of these institutions open their lands, minds and petrol stores in order to help the occupier of the land and petrol, to kill, destroy, and partition the region on behalf of the map of the Big Israel- the Zionist enemy".
    Ar-Riyadh, Saudi government daily,
    Dr. Nura as-Sa'ed
    "Fulfill the Obligation of Reliability,"
    March 3, 2003

  • "The criminal Zionist invaders destroy property and sanctities; kill children, men, and women; undermine the bases of social and economic life; obliterate the characteristics of Arab and Islamic life; distort Arab and Islamic reputation; accuse them of backwardness; and brand them with terrorism. They [enemies] have concocted conspiracies for decades and even centuries, [including] current plots against our brothers in fraternal Iraq, where fleets are being massed, guns and missiles are being prepared, and the latest techniques of killing, destruction, and terrorism are being used under false pretexts and baseless accusations."
    Damascus Syrian Arab Republic Radio in Arabic
    Official station of the Syrian Government
    Sermon by Shaykh Yunus Jasim from Bu'ayrah mosque in Damascus
    February 21, 2003
    (Independent Media Review and Analysis (IMRA)
    translation of FBIS report in Arabic.)

  • "[The Muslim brothers] in Palestine and Iraq are suffering from aggression by the forces of arrogance and hegemony, which are dreaming of ruling the world, taking control of its revenues, and imposing their ambitions on the world . . . O God, help our mujahidin brothers in Palestine and Iraq score victory over their enemies. O God, destroy the unjust sons of Zion and the arrogant Americans. O God, shake the ground under them, instill panic into their hearts, and disperse them. O God, destroy them, for they are within your power."
    Sanaa Republic of Yemen Television in Arabic
    Official television station of the Republic of Yemen
    Live sermon by Shaykh Akram Abd-al-Razzaq al-Ruqayhi at Grand Mosque in Sanaa
    February 21, 2003
    (Independent Media Review and Analysis (IMRA)
    translation of FBIS report in Arabic.)


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