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About us
Shalom, Salam, Peace


Scottish Friends of Israel:
supporting and promoting
universal freedoms,
human rights
and social justice
for Israel and all freedom loving peoples

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Human Rights Act 1998

Scottish Friends of Israel:
a liberal democratic organisation redressing the balance and working for peace and justice in the Middle East

We at Scottish Friends of Israel are disturbed by the misplaced media and political support of Palestinian factions that are counter to the welfare of Israel, the Palestinian people and the road to peace.

Our aim is to...

1) Redress the balance and expose the myths, half-truths, misinformation and disinformation that the public of Scotland and the UK have been exposed to over the past three years.

2) Foster closer relationships with and understanding of the Israeli people.

The Media


The Media, all too often, appear to be guilty of misuse of language, omission and filtering the news to an agenda - an abrogation of their duty to be objective and impartial.

For example - between September 2000 and August 17, 2003 there were 18,413 attacks recorded. Of these, 282 were carried out since the now defunct hudna. An average of 5.8 attacks a day. Sadly, most of these attacks were not reported, only the ones that make bloody headline news. As the say in media circles, "If it bleeds it leads!"

The Real Enemy


We believe that putting faith in the legacy of Yasser Arafat, dictates from terrorist groups and giving credence to the myths and fallacies of Arab Palestinian propaganda are contributory factors to prolonging the Mid-East conflict and the carnage that ensues.

The real enemy of the Palestinian people is not the Israelis but Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Al Aqsa Brigade

Towards Peace


Israel has on numerous occasions offered "Land for Peace", even after the Six Day War the West Bank and Gaza were offered in return for peace. On each and every occasion Israel's offer was rejected. Yasser Arafat "never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity".

Instead of seeking to mend the cracks on the road to peace, certain Scottish political factions and elements of the media appear to be more intent in singling out and vilifying Israel at every turn.

Moral Equivalence


Israel is struggling to survive against an implacable enemy bent on her destruction. A war of attrition is being waged by Arafat and supported by the Arab Muslim world. A war now fought with infanticide conjoined with indiscriminate homicide bombing. There is no moral equivalence.

Unfortunately our own Scottish troops in Iraq now suffer the same inhumane tactics of indiscriminate killing by terrorist faction intent on thwarting any attempts at reconciliation and peace.

Child Abuse

Children at war - Infanticide under the guise of martyrdom is the ultimate child abuse - a crime against humanity!


When criticism of Israel blurs into anti-Semitism - David Landau, editor of Haaretz English Edition, answered readers' questions live online. Read his comments on when criticism of Israel blurs into anti-Semitism and whether the "anti-Semitism" label is used to silence legitimate criticism of Israel.

We hope this website, , will enlighten civilized minds to the unwarranted vilification of Israel and the plight of the Palestinian people (especially the "suicide" children) crippled and manipulated by a corrupt homicidal leadership.



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