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Israel and India
Israeli Aid to Earthquake Victims in India - January 2001
An Israeli aid mission, numbering about 150 personnel, departed on January 29 in five Israeli Air Force aircraft to the area of the recent earthquake in western India. Following an Indian request, Israel dispatched an entire field hospital, including a team of doctors, medical staff, and medical equipment. A Foreign Ministry team, led by Mr. Moti Amihai, Director of the South East Asia Division, accompanied the delegation.

The IDF medical relief team opened a field hospital in the town of Bhuj, in the Indian state of Gujarat, which is the region most affected by the earthquake.

The Israeli delegation returned to Israel on February 12 after two weeks in the earthquake area. At the field hospital in the city of Bhuj, they treated 1,211 casualties and assisted in 12 births. Members of the delegation also helped in the search and rescue in the field. Prior to their departure, the India Airforce Commander and the Mayor of Bhuj thanked the delegation for its contribution in the saving of lives and treatment of the wounded in the earthquake.

The first birth at the delegation's field hospital: the medical crew fighting for the life of the infant, born prematurely, weighing less than a kilogram
First surgery in the field hospital of the IDF delegation to save the life of an Indian boy wounded in the earthquake.
A paramedic from the delegation returning a baby who recieved medical treatment to her father

An Israeli officer giving a local child a drink of water supplied by the delegation.






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