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(Tikun Olam)
Young Kosovo Refugees
The young people of Israel, deeply moved by the plight of the Kosovar refugees, made a unique "Made-in-Israel" contribution to the international relief efforts.

Earthquake Victims in India
An Israeli aid mission, numbering about 150 personnel, departed on January 29 in five Israeli Air Force aircraft to the area of the recent earthquake in western India.

Earthquake in El Salvador
In January 2001, the Israeli Foreign Ministry dispatched a medical team and a shipment of medicines and medical supplies to assist the victims of the earthquake in El Salvador. Leading the delegation were the Director of the Foreign Ministry's Latin America Division, Mr. Alex Ben-Zvi, and the Director of the Schneider Hospital Trauma Center, Dr. Yehezkel Waisman.


Flood Victims in South America (1998)
In response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Mitch, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to extend emergency medical aid to Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala. Upon the request of local authorities, medical aid teams and supplies have been sent to Honduras and Nicaragua. Additional medical supplies were airlifted to El Salvador and Guatemala.


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