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Blair: Preferring Propaganda

Abdel Darwish
Adel Darwish is a veteran Fleet Street Foreign reporter and commentator on Foreign Affairs

Adel Darwish in Asharq al Awsat writes:

"I agree with much of what Britain's Prime Minister, Tony Blair recently told Asharq Al Awsat regarding the obligation of the British citizen not to give the terrorists a chance to cause civil strife. There have not been any significant clashes between Muslims and non-Muslims since the events of the 7th July. However, I should point out that there exists a concern over the dominance of propaganda, which insinuates that this is an imported problem, which could have been prevented by a customs official."

"...Most of those preachers with Middle Eastern backgrounds intentionally distort certain provocative issues like Palestine and Iraq and the presence of infidels on Muslim soil."

"...The Muslim youth in Britain are angry about the racial harassment that their parents endured during the 70s and 80s in working class areas. They have been oblivious to the fact that their history is an inseparable part of that of the British Empire and not of the Middle East to which the Jihadists are ideologically related."

"....the terrorism of Jihadist Salafis started long ago, before the 1948 war in Palestine with events such as the assassination of Judge Khazendar and the placing of bombs in public places in Egypt during the 1930s and 1940s."

"...If the world accepts Bin Laden's ambiguous demands, and solves the Palestinian problem, as well withdrawing the troops from Iraq..."

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