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       This week at ISRAEL21c                Issue # 204                Week of May 30, 2005

Welcome to this week's edition of the ISRAEL21c newsletter - we hope our feature articles on Israeli advancements in health, technology and democracy will create a greater awareness about the vibrant Israel which exists beyond headlines of conflict.

Israeli researcher introduces the 'Maestro' - voice-only Internet system for drivers
Imagine the dangers when full Internet capabilities become available to drivers. Now an Israeli researcher has taken matters into her own hands - by developing a voice recognition system - the Maestro - that enables drivers to surf the Net while keeping their hands on the wheel.

Israeli discovery of cow gene could result in healthier milk
Israeli cows rank #1 in the world in both milk production, and the high-protein content of their milk. Soon milk-drinkers worldwide will also be able to enjoy a more nutritious beverage -- thanks to the Israeli discovery of a gene that determines the concentration of protein found in cow's milk.

'Sweet' diagnostics kit developed to help bowel disease sufferers
Millions of people like Cathy Richards who suffer from chronic bowel problems won't have to wait any more for a diagnosis. That's because Israeli company Glycominds has developed a blood test kit which quickly enables differential diagnosis between Crohn's disease, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Where there's smoke, there's Firesys
Firesys is an extra-sensitive fire detection system technology developed by Israeli mechanical engineer Eli Hatsir, specially designed for installation in highly combustible places where even the first flicker of a fire can spell disaster.

Israeli breakthrough: Cholesterol drugs reduce risk of cancer
A study conducted by Israeli researchers at the Technion reveals that people who took cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins for five years had only half the risk of developing colon cancer, a disease that kills 56,000 Americans each year.

Sharon changes course

The awareness of the need to
re-brand Israel has reached
the very top.

An Israeli company has developed a device that helps nurses locate those hard-to-find veins. Learn other interesting facts about Israel

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